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Owens Choose Love

The district has a developmental counseling and guidance program and utilize the program Choose Love for social/emotional learning.. We also have trained counselors available to talk and listen to students about situations and experiences that may be affecting their ability to get all they can from their instructional program. We encourage students to seek the assistance of school counselors whenever they need to, and counselors can also refer students or parents to other sources of assistance.
Some aspects of the counseling program require prior written parent consent for the student’s participation. As parents, you also have the right to preview all the written materials used in the school counseling program. For full information, please contact your school principal or counselor.

Shae Owens

Hillsboro Elementary Counselor


Tip Line

School districts are required to have an anonymous reporting system available for students to report instances of bullying, cyberbullying, harassment, or other student safety concerns. Parents and school staff should still report bullying, however the system to report anonymously is only required for reporting by students.

Hillsboro ISD's Tip Line provides a tool through our website in which a person can report concerning behaviors without having to identify themselves as the reporter.  The Tip Line allows  people to report concerning behaviors such as bullying, talk of or posts on suicide or self-harm, dating violence, and other dangerous, threatening behaviors. This ensures that all safety concerns are reported.


Hillsboro Independent School District 
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